BioTRIP is an agile biotech incubator that safeguards human health by bringing together pioneering clinical scientists & entrepreneurial engineers to yield next-generation immunopharmaceutical solutions.



As our understanding of the immune system and its role in health and disease grows, it is becoming increasingly evident that many immune system-directed treatment opportunities for major diseases are being left on the table. To unlock immunotherapy’s full potential, BIOTRIP works with a team of biomedical engineers, clinicians and immunologists to develop new strategies to restore ‘immune health’ in important immune-mediated diseases.
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BIOTRIP brings together biomedical engineers, clinicians, immunologists and biotech professionals to establish, translate and commercialize sophisticated novel immunopharmaceutical strategies. Opportunities to invest in BIOTRIP and its forthcoming immunotherapeutical programs will be posted here and on our social media channels.
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You can contact BIOTRIP using the contact form or through our social media channels.
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